Narnia Insiders Tour KNB EFX

There is a video on YouTube of Howard Berger giving three Narnia Insiders from Interlinc a tour of KNB EFX. The tour is followed by an interview. Part 2 is coming soon.

UPDATE: Here is the video for QuickTime. (Thanks to Josh)

Some highlights from the interview with Howard Berger:

“The dwarfs were a species we really didn’t get to play a lot with on the first film. But on this, [Trumpkin and Nikabrik] are such essential characters to the storytelling of the film that we really had the oppurtunity to dig in deep and revisit the dwarfs and come up with some really cool looks and concepts. And plus, we had two great actors, so that really helped a lot as well.”

“When we started designing for this film, I went to Andrew Adamson and I said ‘I felt that in LWW, [the Narnians] were all in the late twenties, early thirties. But this time, lets create a whole span of age groups.'”