NFCYM Interviews Douglas Gresham

Douglas Gresham recently recorded a video for the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministry aimed at youth leaders seeking to promote the film. No movie spoilers, but he does say some very interesting things about the Prince Caspian story. You can watch the video (5:34) on YouTube:

Here are some highlights:

Prince Caspian is the telling of the story of a return to true faith, honesty, duty, and responsibility, all the great qualities of the nineteenth century thinking that we kind of threw away in the twentieth century on the grounds that they were outdated, and we so desperately need to get back. It’s a story of a return to faith after 1300 years of corruption under an atheistic disbelieving empire.”

“I think that if you want to really know about Caspian, there are other things you have to read. You have to read Hamlet, for example, because the opening scenes of Caspian are very reminiscent of Shakespeare’s Hamlet when the evil brother is killing his king brother to steal the kingdom and so forth.”

“I hope that [C.S. Lewis] would be absolutely thrilled with what we’ve done with the stories. He would know as well as anyone that Prince Caspian is not dramatically very well structured for a play or for a screenplay. And therefore, he would anticipate and expect the changes we’ve made.”