Orchestrating Magic in Narnia … All Over Again

The Disney Insider has an interview with Andrew Adamson where he discusses the creation of the film and drops some interesting tidbits about the production.

Telmarines, talking mice, and Minotaurs … it’s a wrap for the second installation in C.S. Lewis’ Narnia series, according to director/producer/co-writer Andrew Adamson. “We’re in the U.K. tying up the last month of post-production… polishing the sound, music, and special effects. I’m extremely happy with what we’ve created. It’s like a painful birthing process which you forget soon afterwards.” Considering “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” took four and a half years to produce, it must have seemed like the two years working on “Prince Caspian” whizzed by at breakneck speed.

Speaking of his edgier, epic interpretation, Andrew approached this film as if it were the true story of Caspian, the Telmarine’s naïve, idealistic prince who, despite discovering his dark side, emerges as a true king because of his journey. “For any adaptation, I immerse myself in the book then flesh it out. With Caspian, I felt it was important to capture the heart of his story by adding unique twists that took it beyond the original. At one point Caspian’s consumed with vengeance, further escalating the conflict between him and Peter.”

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