Prince Caspian Soundtrack Samples on Amazon has added soundtrack samples and lengths to the Prince Caspian soundtrack page! You can listen to these clips by visiting Amazon’s page here and scroll down to ‘Listen to Samples and Buy MP3s (though the MP3s are not available yet). It is also interesting to note that the songs written by various artists have been moved to the end of the soundtrack.

Preorder the soundtrack here.

Thanks to Narnia_Fan12 and Bow&Arrow for the head’s up!

UPDATE: In a recent interview with, Andrew Adamson said: “For Prince Caspian, Harry drew not only on the beloved themes of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, but also developed original, sympathetic themes for Caspian and the Telmarines. Harry has threaded these themes with the same beauty and originality as he has woven all the notes that form his wonderful scores.” (Thanks to KnightofGondor)

UPDATE: Returns talks to Harry Gregson-Williams. (Thanks to KnightofGondor)