Rotten Tomatoes Reviews Video Game

Rotten Tomatoes has posted a review for the Prince Caspian video game, which releases on May 13:



Like the first game, Prince Caspian groups a handful of characters together in each level and allows the player to switch between them mid-gameplay. Unlike the first, Prince Caspian offers no fewer than twenty playable characters for players to choose from, and while you were limited to the four Pevensie children in the first game, here you can at various times control fauns, centaurs, dwarves and even trees, each with their own unique skills and abilities. Is this the first game ever to feature a playable tree? We certainly think so. Combine that with the controllable antics of everyone’s favourite sword-wielding mouse, Reepicheep, and you just may have stumbled into controllable-character heaven.

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The video game releases on the same day as the Prince Caspian soundtrack and the LWW Blu-Ray Disc. May 13 is going to be a crazy day for Narnia fans!

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