Sci-Fi Wire Interviews Peter Dinklage

From Sci-Fi Wire: In Prince Caspian, Trumpkin has lived through the destruction of Narnia and becomes a cynical survivor with little faith that the Pevensie children can restore his world to order. Due to some structural changes in the screenplay, his role is actually larger in the film than in the book.

“I love the books, but the adaptation that Andrew Adamson and the other writers did is my blueprint,” Dinklage (TV’s Threshold) said. “I think the greatest film adaptations of books are very different from the books and [are] their own entity. When things are too faithful to the books, it’s sort of like why make the movie when you can read the book? What I like about this is they tweaked things here and there and changed things, and maybe I’m speaking because they expanded my character quite a bit,” he added with tongue in cheek.

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