‘This is Home’ by Switchfoot

‘LandofBrokenHearts’ found a YouTube video of Switchfoot soundchecking their song ‘This is Home’ which will appear on the Prince Caspian soundtrack and probably in the end movie credits as well. You can hear the first half of the song or so here.


UPDATE: We have a better quality version now (thanks to ‘Ellesar’ for the find). At the beginning, Jon says “It goes out to C.S. Lewis, and C.S. Lewis fans everywhere.”

Also, Jon Foreman posted this on his MySpace page:

rental trains and their usefulness in rock-videodom

Last night we filmed the video for a song called “This is Home” written for the new Narnia movie. I think it will turn out great- we rented a subway station in LA (including a subway train!) sweet.

Highlights include:
-wind blown bits of paper flying at us at an incredible rate
-surprise folks walking around the video, (ie: Keith Tutt and more…)
-drew playing a jazz master
-romey playing an old yamaha CP 70, (after he battled a full day of cancelled flights to get there)
-got to see the daylights and co.
-worked with brandon dickerson again, (he’s such a great guy…)
-got to shoot a crazy boom shot at hollywood and highland on a sunday night. yes. so weird and fun.

Thanks LandofBrokenHearts!

Lyrics (courtesy of Wowzers)

I’ve got my memories
They’re always inside of me
But I can’t go back
Back to how it was
I believe it now
I’ve seen too much
But I can’t go back
Back to how it was
Created for a place I’ve never known

This is Home
Now I’m finally where I belong
Where I belong
Yeah, this is home
I’ve been searching for a place of my own
Now I’ve found it,
Yeah this is home
Yeah, this is home

Belief over misery
I’ve seen the enemy
And I won’t go back
Back to how it was
And I’ve got my heart set on what happens next
I’ve got my eyes wide and it’s not over yet
We are miracles
And we’re not alone


And now after all my searching
After all my questions
I’m gonna call it home
I’ve got a brand new mindset
I can finally see the sunset
I’m gonna call it home


Now I know, Yeah this is home
I’ve come too far
No, I won’t go back
This is home