‘Wardrobe’ DVD vs. BD Comparisons

A preview for Disney Blu-Ray Disc (BD) included on the Enchanted BD release included shots from “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” in high definition. NarniaWebber Griffle has taken the time to take some pictures of his HDTV to compare the DVD and BD. Obviously, since these pictures were just taken with a still camera pointed at the TV, they aren’t going to do Blu-Ray justice at all, but hopefully they will give you a general idea of how Blu-Ray allows for a more detailed image. To see the difference, try focusing on one detail, like a character way off in the distance. The LWW Blu-Ray Disc releaes on May 13. View the comparisons:
(Edmund POV) (Firing arrows) (Witch’s house) (Aslan)