Weekly Reader Posts Anna Popplewell Interview

From WeeklyReader.com:

While filming Prince Caspian, did you have that sense of returning “home” much like your character does in the story? —Le-Ann, 17

Anna Popplewell: I think a movie set is a bit too crazy to feel like home. It’s a bit more like a traveling circus! It was lovely, though, to be back with lots of good friends and to see lots of familiar faces. All the good memories of making the first movie sort of carried over into this one when we started shooting.

Which movie was more fun to film: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe or Prince Caspian? —Regan, 10

Anna Popplewell: They were very different. I think Caspian was more difficult – I was working adult hours and I had to take some public exams right in the middle of it. There are more action scenes so it was more physically challenging too. I don’t think I enjoyed it less though—it was an incredibly dynamic set to be on. There was always something going on. They were both great, but I liked the new challenges of Caspian.

What is your favorite creature in The Chronicles of Narnia? —Shawna, 13

Anna Popplewell: I used to think boggles were absolutely terrifying and compelling. I’m excited to see Puddleglum the marshwiggle, although he doesn’t feature in Caspian. Centaurs are always good—yeah, I’ll go with centaurs.

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