Christianity Today Interviews Andrew Adamson

Christianity Today has posted a new interview with Andrew Adamson:

Q: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe was one of the top 30 movies of all time internationally. What kind of pressure does that put on you?

Adamson: No additional weight that wasn’t already there with this property. The beloved nature of the book—and how much import I place on staying true to it—has already put a load on me, and I feel it. Certainly following up a successful film, you feel like you have to live up to expectations. But to some degree, I went through that with Shrek, where the first one was a bit under the radar, and the second one, you had a lot more people watching you, and you didn’t want to disappoint them.
With The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, so many fans of the book already had high expectations. And that’s something you’re very conscious of when making a film—and it’s hard. There’s always an adaptation process. Things do change from book to screen, and you ask, “Did I make the right changes?” The other thing I do is refer to my memory—I zero in on the things I remember from reading the book as a child. Those are the things it’s important to be true to.


Thanks to Beth and Elenatintil.