Cinema Judge Goes Behind The Scenes

Cinema Judge went behind the scenes of Prince Caspian and has released a 22 minute video on YouTube. The video contains shots of everything from the cameras rolling to people working on visual effects.

YouTube Link


Miraz’ coronation

Eddie Izzard interviewed

Cornelius waking Caspian, and Caspian saying “Five more minutes.”

Caspian hiding in a wardrobe, and Telmarine soldiers shooting at it.

Edmund “fighting” Trumpkin.

Caspian waking up in Trufflehunter’s den.

Caspian asking Miraz “Did you kill my father?”

The Wer-Wolf saying a line from the book: “I can Drink a river of blood and not thirst. Show me your enemies.”

Caspian asking the Hag “You can guarantee Miraz’ death?”

Behind the scenes of the Single Combat

Lucy saying “Do you see him now?” at the Ford of Beruna.

Caspian sayng he is not ready to be king, and Aslan responding “It is because of this very reason I know you are.”

Caspian’s Coronation

Warwick Davis in the makeup chair

Eddie Izzard recording

Recording the score. We hear one clip of Lucy saying “Mr. Tumnus and the Beavers, all gone.”

Work-in-progress CG Aslan, bear, and wolf.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!