DLP Showings of Prince Caspian

According to Fandango, some theaters will be showing DLP (not to be confused with DLF) screenings of the Prince Caspian!

DLP™ (Digital Light Processing) shows are projected digitally rather than using conventional film. DLP™ technology is a revolutionary display solution that uses an optical semiconductor to manipulate light digitally. The result is maximum fidelity: a picture with impressive clarity, brilliance and color and a lack of scratches, fading and flutter.

To see if DLP showings will be available at your theater, go here, and type in your zip code. If there is a DLP showing, it will say so under the showtimes, as seen below:

I saw DLP showings of Cloverfield and Iron Man, and was blown away by the flawless picture quality. Huge difference! If you can get to one, I would highly recommend it. It will be the ultimate way to experience Prince Caspian.

The waking trees

The waking trees