Douglas Gresham Talks with Animated Views

Douglas Gresham Cast PictureIn a recent interview with ‘Animated Views’ Douglas Gresham talks about his role as co-producer and the experience of making Prince Caspian

AV: As a co-producer of the movie, at what stages of the production do you really get involved?

DG: As a co-producer my role is a bit unusual in the film world – the title doesn’t really cover what I do. I am involved in just about all the facets of the movie from its very inception. I am one of several production voices in the scripting, casting, location, and production of the movie itself and also in the making of the various ancillaries to the movie, such as video-games and merchandise of all kinds. I am one of the voices concerned with the marketing and publicity for the movie and so on and so forth.

AV: How did you take part in each of these stages, what was your role?

DG: I suppose I could be described as the Narnia Nuisance more than anything else! My role is to make sure that everything in Narnia is really Narnian, and to constantly try to raise the quality of everything we do to the highest possible level, and also to ensure that each film contains and clearly portrays the essential and underlying meanings of the books.

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