‘Horse and His Boy’ After ‘The Silver Chair’?

SciFi has posted a video of the red carpet at the Prince Caspian premiere in New York.

Douglas Gresham says: “We still have five books to do. I’m working right now on pre-production on The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and I’m already starting discussions on The Silver Chair. And we’re just toying with the idea of doing The Horse and His Boy after that. So we are thinking ahead.” This would be consistant with the original published order: The Silver Chair was published in 1953, and The Horse and His Boy in 1954.

Vincent Grass also wonders if Doctor Cornelius could return in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. He says “Apparently it is written in the third one that he rules the country while Caspian is away, and that’s the only thing that is mentioned about him. We will see what they’re going to make of it for the third movie.” According to the VDT book, Caspian appoints Trumpkin as Regent during the voyage. So, was Vincent Grass mistaken about what the book says, or will Cornelius actually be mentioned in the VDT movie? We already know from the press screening (which our own Fantasia_Kitty attended) that Trumpkin will be appearing in the VDT film.

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Thanks to 7chronicles!