More LWW Blu-Ray Reviews and Video

Three more reviews for the “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” Blu-Ray Disc, which will be available on May 13 (specs), are online: (Keep checking this page as more reviews come in)

HighDefDigest‘s review is very positive: Five-star ratings for both video and audio quality. The reviewer calls it a “demo disc,” which is perhaps the best compliment you can give a Blu-Ray Disc. He also describes the “Battle for Narnia” game as “ambitious.” was also impressed: “This is a brilliant Blu-ray presentation. Razor sharp, clean, and free of imperfections, this transfer can sit highly as one of the best live action efforts on the format.”

IGN was not so impressed: “The problem here is threefold: color, clarity and grain. With the exception of the CG-heavy battle scenes toward the film’s conclusion, the image never really pops.”

UPDATE: DVDTown has posted another positive review: “Disney has done a fantastic job on the HD transfer. The AVC/MPEG-4 codec produced zero in the way of artifacts, and the colors seem true, while the black levels are enough to convey the illusion of 3-dimensionality.” (Thanks to Griffle)

UPDATE: Three more positive reviews have been posted from HomeTheaterSpot, “The Whip” Review, and DVDVerdict. (Thanks to Griffle)

UPDATE: has a review, and it includes screen captures! (Disclaimer: The images were captured at 720p and then compressed)

Disney has also posted a video which shows some footage of the Battle for Narnia game (captures):

What is Blu-Ray Disc (BD)?
It’s the next generation optical disc format that is expected to eventually replace DVD. But don’t worry: Blu-Ray Players also play DVDs, and in fact, will make them look a little better. This new technology enables much larger amounts of data to be stored on a disc. A Blu-Ray Disc can store five times more than a regular DVD. This means studios don’t have the compress their movies nearly as much. The result is much higher quality video and audio: High Definition (in my opinion, it makes DVD look like a YouTube video). Only a Blu-Ray Disc can support “lossless” audio, which means the audio is completely uncompressed, and 7.1 surround sound. Currently, Blu-Ray Players are not affordable for most people, but prices are expected to drop way down over the next couple years. Learn more.
Best of all for Narnia fans, Disney has a reputation for being the absolute best at Blu-Ray. Ratatouille, Cars, and all three Pirates of the Caribbean films are considered “reference quality” Blu-Ray Discs.