MTV Talks Romance Controversy

From MTV:

Two weeks ago, the MTV Movies Blog asked for input from fans of the “Narnia” series, giving them a chance to voice what they hoped was in the new film, “Prince Caspian.”

The idea was that we’d take these comments to the cast and crew to discuss how they chose what to include. For instance, how did you bring Reepicheep to life? Or what went into the duel between [Edmund] and Trumpkin?

Only, the very first comment posted on the blog wasn’t about what a fan wanted to see in the film, but rather what she didn’t.

“We don’t wanna see the kissing scene between Caspian and Susan,” commenter Star [from NarniaWeb] wrote almost immediately after the article was posted, alluding to a controversial scene in the trailer in which our new hero locks lips with the eldest Penvensie sister. “It’s just disgusting.”


Thanks to ‘ladybug.’