New Writer for Dawn Treader

Edward Douglas from (who I met on the set in Prague) has posted an interview with Producer Mark Johnson. Johnson reveals that there will be a new writer for Voyage of the Dawn Treader, although we’ve already heard that Markus and McFeely will also be involved.


CS: So we know that Ben and Skandar and Georgie will be returning but will you bring back Weta and use the same writers on the next few movies?
Johnson: We actually have a different writer right now on “Dawn Treader,” it’s a complicated process but it’s like the books. You want to have the connection to the prior movies but at the same time, it’s a whole new world.

CS: When do you start thinking about “The Silver Chair”? Do you have to wait until the next one’s finished again?
Johnson: Yeah, we don’t have a director for that, but we will soon enough. We’ve already been talking to some people. Let’s see how this movie does.

CS: Also, in “The Silver Chair,” Ben’s going to be 50 years older.
Johnson: That’s exactly right. I think when you see Caspian, he’s at the dock and getting on the boat and he’s an old man.

CS: I know that both Walden Media and Disney are really big on the 3-D experience, so do you think you’ll ever take “Narnia” into the 3-D realm? Have you had any talks about shooting future movies or scenes in 3-D?
Johnson: We did. We even talked about this for a while. Could we make this 3-D? I would guess that if we keep making these, we’re bound to make one or two in 3-D. You’re right. It so lends itself to it.