Premiere of Prince Caspian in Mexico

According to the organizers of Acapulco’s Film Festival (FICA), “Prince Caspian” will be screened during this event, in advance of the international premiere date (May 16). In a press conference, they announced that Prince Caspian will be shown during the closing ceremony of FICA, that is, May 9th. The Festival takes place from May 4-10th. Victor Sotomayor, director of FICA, announced: “The closing of the festival will include the screening of The Chronicles of Narnia. It’ll be the global premiere. The commercial premieres will take place the next day.” This film premiere is very important for the organizers of the event, as it contributes to the publicity and fame of an international festival that includes many films of diverse origins. Sotomayor has recognized that this film festival is still growing (this is its fourth event), so it is a notable responsibility to host the premiere of the second episode of the saga. Gerardo Salcedo, Programming Director of the Festival, commented that “the programming of this festival reflects an arch between Commercial Films and Art Films.” You can read the original story in Spanish here. Thanks to PollyPlummer and BERNINBUSH for the head’s up and translation!