Reviews Coming In

A few reviews for Prince Caspian are online:

Variety: When all is said and done, this is a pretty straightforward war film. Once Caspian escapes, Miraz’s men methodically prepare to conquer the wayward Narnians by building a big bridge across the river to the forest. Final combat comes in two stages. First, to avoid carnage on both sides, a winner-takes-all mano a mano is arranged between the vain Miraz and Peter (who for 15 years was High King of Narnia, after all). Scene is tensely and intensely enacted, with some unusual details. Based on C.S. Lewis’ series of beloved literary classics, the second picture continues the story of the Pevensie siblings, but without the narrative momentum, dramatic energy, story continuity, and emotional involvement that had marked the first film. Overextending its welcome, “Prince Caspian” is too long and structurally messy, with one too many battles for its own good.

MovieMantz: It’s still a very entertaining film, although newcomers would be wise to check out “Wardrobe” if they want to better understand “Caspian.” And even though it isn’t as rewarding as its predecessor, it still stands out from other recent fantasies like “Stardust,” “The Golden Compass” and “The Spiderwick Chronicles.” As Aslan himself said, things may never happen the same way twice, but at least there’s hope for the third film, which might be the charm.

UPDATE: News Blaze has posted their review.

Thanks to everyone who sent these in.