Tilda Swinton Appears as Centaur in Prince Caspian

Tilda on the Red Carpet - Splashnews.com

Tilda on the Red Carpet - Splashnews.com

According to director Andrew Adamson, Tilda Swinton and her children had another short cameo in Prince Caspian—as centaurs.

“She was very happy to be back. I don’t know if you noticed in the end of the film, but Tilda and her kids are actually centaurs. Not many people will notice that, but there’s a little cameo she did within a cameo,” the director explained.

“But she’s wonderful. She’s just kind of this fan of the film. She said in an interview at one stage that she’d be happy to do a movie with me even if it was in my garage and she had to wear a pointy hat. And when she won her Golden Globe or the Oscar, I texted her and said, ‘Will you still do that movie in the garage?’ And she texted me back, ‘Where’s my call sheet, dude?’ She’s great.”

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Thanks to ‘Yellow Peril’ for the alert.