‘Weekend in Narnia’ Concludes

Disney Channel’s “Weekend in Narnia” concluded this evening (part 1) with a few new shots, a chat with Howard Berger and Tami Lane, and a clip from the Dancing Lawn scene! This scene includes quite a few lines from the book:


There are two lines in the book that are very similar to lines in this clip:

Trufflehunter (Ch. 5): “And we beasts remember, even if Dwarfs forget, that Narnia was never right except when a son of Adam was King.”

Glenstorm (Ch. 6): “The time is ripe. I watch the skies, Badger, for it is mine to watch, as it is yours to remember. Tarva and Alambil have met in the halls of high heaven, and on earth a son of Adam has once more arisen to rule and name the creatures.”

NarniaWebber ‘kev’ has also posted a clip that aired during a commercial break of the LWW network premiere. It shows Caspian hitting a tree branch and getting knocked off his horse: