iF Magazine Interviews Harry Gregson-Williams

Harry Gregson-Williams

Harry Gregson-Williams

iFMagazine.com has posted an interview with Narnia Composer Harry Gregson-Williams.

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iF: Tell us about your new themes for PRINCE CASPIAN.

WILLIAMS: Clearly Caspian himself needed a theme and also his nemesis, Lord Miraz. I wrote the former in 3/4 originally which was odd, as the first scene I scored using it just had to be in 4/4 – the opening 8 minute cue. It had to be able to morph from something quite vulnerable to something very heroic. Rather perversely, for Lord Miraz I inverted the heroic theme from LWW and found I had a perfectly snake like motif with which to reflect his plotting and conniving character. Reepicheep was fun. I decided on a muted trumpet – he seemed quite military and organized, and I accompanied this with col legno strings.