NZ Herald Interviews Barnes’ Stunt Double

The New Zealand Herald’s Joanna Hunkin recently had the opportunity to interview her fellow New Zealander Andrew Cottle, who was enlisted initially to perform Ben Barnes’ horseriding stunts. After Cottle had finished the horseriding work, he thought he was done with the film — until he received a phone call from the filmmakers a few weeks later telling him he was the best Caspian double they’d found, and would he like to learn to be a stuntman? Cottle’s work on the film lasted five months. He says, “I ended up doing a lot of background stuff, fighting, which I learnt over there. I wasn’t a stuntman before the movie but I became one.” He also talks about the dangers of the horse stunts and how several people were injured during the filming. Though he doesn’t expect to appear in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader since there are no horse stunts needed for the seafaring story, Cottle’s new skills as a stuntman have already led to new opportunities. You can read the full article here.