Prince Caspian Fan Movie Script

Prince Caspian has been in theaters for over a month, and most of us have seen it multiple times. Now, 34 NarniaWebbers have collaborated to transcribe the entire film from memory.

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Having seen the film five times, I can say with confidence that this transcript is pretty accurate. However, since it is all from memory, there are sure to be errors. We want this to be as accurate as possible, so if you have any corrections, post them here (please include the page number). Right now, we’re more concerned about dialogue than action.

Contributing NarniaWebbers:
Aravanna, Aravis Tarkheena, ArcherForAslan, Aslangirl, Balin, check_the_gate, col.klink, Dantes, DeLancey, Dmnchica, fantasia_kitty, glumPuddle, H Tide, Indy, Joanna71985, Kate, Lady Éowyn, LucyP0104, Lysistarielle, MinotaurforAslan,Narnia_Fan12, narniafan4ever!, narnialover101, Narnia_Maniac, Narnianprofessor, Quinlin, Quoter_Senini, Reepicheep775, RuralNarniaFan, The Bulgy Bear, Wunderkind26, Yellow Peril, ~PELS~, and ~QueenSu~

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