Weta’s Miniature Helmets Available for Pre-Order

Weta writes us:

To round up the range of Narnia collectibles, Weta is today releasing five 1/6 scale helmets from Disney’s first two Narnia movies for pre-order.

The range includes some of the more iconic helms, such as those of Peter, Edmund and Lord Miraz, but also generic Centaur and Faun helmets.

The work of sculpting these pieces was shared by Neil Schrader and Daniel Cockersell and the helmets are cast in metal and hand painted to make incredible replicas of the actual props that Weta made for the movies.

These helmets are available exclusively from the Weta website and selected shows. The edition of each helmet is limited to 250 worldwide, so get in now to make sure you get the helmets you want.

You can visit the Weta Collectibles website here.