Moving Picture Company’s ‘VFX Breakdown of Reepicheep’ Video

Reepicheep the mouse

Reepicheep the mouse

Moving Picture Company, one of the VFX companies that worked on Prince Caspian, posted ‘VFX Breakdown of Reepicheep’ video on their website.

Star of the digital cast is Reepicheep, a swashbuckling mouse-chief who leads a posse of mice into dangerous missions and daring castle raids.

MPC’s art department provided Reepicheep’s design, concepting his facial features, body and carefully detailed fur. Reepicheep was voiced by Eddie Izzard, giving MPC’s animation department a bold guide for bringing the character to life. Two book ending scenes feature intimate performances between the mouse and the movie’s young cast; Reepicheep’s first, distrustful meeting of Prince Caspian, and Reepicheep’s eventual rescue from near death by Queen Lucy.

The breakdown video shows Reepicheep from concept art to finished product. Good quality versions can be viewed and/or downloaded on MPC’s website here.

UPDATE: You can now watch a lower-quality version on YouTube:

Thanks to PeaceAndLove for the heads up!