Weta Halts Miniature Helmet Production

Those of us who get emails from Weta News received some rather disappointing information this morning about the Miniature Helmets that were being crafted for collectors everywhere. “While the work progressed on the range, the world didn’t stand still – the cost of living soared, petrol prices went bonkers and slowly people’s priorities shifted. The initial strong interest in the Prince Caspian statues therefore didn’t translate into the number of pre-orders we were expecting based on ranges in the past. In fact, the Halo range that was only launched a few weeks ago has already by far exceeded the Caspian range, just to put it in perspective. The good news for Narnia collectors is that we are still making the statues, and they are going to be ultra-rare, as we are limiting the editions to 100 (yes, one hundred) of each. The pricing will stay the same – which means that these statues will be real bargains. On the downside, we have had to halt preparations on the helmet range. The helmets attracted a lot of attention, but again, that didn’t translate into pre-orders.” You can read the email in full on our forum thread here.