Win a Personal Tour of the Royal Armouries

Peter's Sword

Peter's Sword

Oscar-winning swordsmith, Peter Lyon, the mastermind behind weapons and armour from Hollywood blockbusters including The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and the Narnia movies is visiting Leeds and NarniaWeb has exclusive tickets for you and a friend to meet him and receive a personal tour with other NarniaWebbers.

Peter’s iconic weapons are currently on display at the Royal Armouries as part of its big exhibition ‘Arms and Armour from the Movies: The Wonderful World of Weta’ and the lucky winners of our competition will be invited to join an intimate tour, led by Peter Lyon, at 5pm on Saturday 20th September.

For the very first time objects will be taken out of their glass cases to be viewed at close quarters. Enjoy a wander through a wardrobe of fur coats leading to the snow-covered land of Narnia whilst Peter recounts first-hand stories of how the items were fashioned, from the White Witch’s legendary wand to Lucy’s dagger and Susan’s bow and arrow.

Scurry out of Narnia through a specially crafted hobbit hole and stumble into Middle-earth where Peter will reveal how the hero items from The Lord of the Rings trilogy were brought to life, offering exclusive insight into the creativity and imagination behind the craft of these exquisite items, including Sauron’s helmet and Frodo’s famous sword – ‘sting’.

Each of the items on display were handcrafted by the Peter Lyon and his team at the world-famous, Oscar-winning Weta Workshop in Wellington, New Zealand and some of the 230+ props have never been displayed in public before.

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