Filming on Voyage Bumped Yet Again?

Back in September, NarniaWebber nightingale7 found a video interview of Georgie saying that filming for VDT doesn’t start until “Spring 2009.” At the time, we weren’t sure if January 2009 was included in that, now it seems it was not. Unfortunately that particular video has been taken down from the internet.

Last weekend Ben Barnes, Warwick Davis, and Cornell John hosted a panel for Prince Caspian at the London MCM Expo. BenBarnesOnline forum member Kim got to go see the panel and posted her report on that site. Here are a few excerpts from her report:

The Panel were discussing that the centaur-bloke [Cornell John] had also played the wolf in the scene with the White Witch and they shared a wonderful anecdote about Ben seeing the wolf costume in the corner of the set not realising that the head was animatronic – he went up to it and had a huge fright when all of a sudden it snarled angrily at him! Warwick said that Ben let out a “squeal”! Ben butted in at this point with the classic line: “But it was a manly squeal”. Hilarious! Ben and Warwick also had some banter about the fact that Warwick’s character was killed off and Warwick wondered if he could be a Dufflepud in the next film. Ben said “no” quite flatly. Ben said that VODT was due to start filming in April 2009 (plenty of time for him to make something else in the meantime perhaps?!).

Referring to the picture of Prince Caspian and Nikabrik running through the forest fleeing the Telmarines, Ben explained how there were actually no ferns in that particular wood — they had all been placed there in pots by the set-gardeners. As the scene involves them dashing swiftly through these ferns, they both ended up falling flat on their faces many times! Ben said Warwick fell over 2000 times! Warwick responded to this by saying that Ben fell over less than him but Ben’s falls were more spectacular and embarrassing. Actually he said Ben “fell on his arse,” at which point Ben said: “Go on, say ‘arse’ again!” Apparently footage of Ben and Warwick falling over the fern plants is a treat we can look forward to on the DVD bloopers!!! Yay!

The Panel ended with a competition to win a DVD of Prince Caspian — but it wouldn’t be able to be sent to the winner until November 17th!!! Warwick’s idea of having a game of “Aslan says” (sort of like “Simon says” – the rules just went completely over my head – I was concentrating on Ben) failed miserably when everyone was supposed to stand up and a lot didn’t. Ben laughed and said, “You just couldn’t be bothered!” Ben was chuffed because he came up with a better idea for awarding the DVD by asking the question relating to the names of Reepicheep’s companions.

If you wish to read Kim’s full fangirl report of meeting Ben Barnes at the London Expo, you can do so here.

Also, huge thanks to Hurley for the heads up!

UPDATE: Ergolad writes us to remind us that… “For what it’s worth, and out of respect for one of the best suit performers in the business, Shane Rangi, who played Asterius, also played the Wer-Wolf in “Prince Caspian.” Cornell, as talented as he may be, never wore that suit.”