NarniaWeb’s 2008 Halloween Contest!

Welcome to the 2008 NarniaWeb Halloween Contest! Over the past several years we’ve seen some incredible talent on the forums — both in the Fan Art forum and the Costumes forum. So this year, we are proud to announce the first set of Narnia-based holiday contests for all of you amazingly artistic and creative people out there.

Costume Contest
• Your costume must be Narnia-related, but does not have to be based on the movies (for example, it can be a costume of Shift the Ape if you want).
• You do not have to make the costume yourself, but you must be wearing it in the picture.
• When you post the picture of your costume, be sure to tell us what the costume is. You can also mention how you got the idea for it and (if you made it) how you put it together.
• Costumes will be judged on creativity and quality.
• If you are under eighteen, you MUST have parental permission to post your picture.
• To enter, post a picture of yourself wearing your costume in THIS THREAD.

Pumpkin Carving Contest
• Just as with the costume contest, your pumpkin carving must be Narnia-related, but not necessarily based on the movies.
• When you post the picture of your pumpkin, be sure to tell us what the carving is.
• Pumpkin carvings will be judged on creativity and quality.
• To enter, post a picture of your pumpkin carving in THIS THREAD.

Candy/Cookie Contest
• Your candy or cookie (or any other food item) must be Narnia-related. It can be an Aslan-shaped cookie, your version of Turkish Delight, or anything else creative that you can make with food. All ingredients must be edible!
• Since we can’t taste your candy or cookie (drat!), the entries will be judged on creativity and appearance.
• To enter, post a picture of your food item in THIS THREAD.

The contests close at midnight EST on October 30, 2008. Winners will be announced the evening of October 31, 2008.

The first place winner from each category will receive one of the new NarniaWeb T-shirts and his/her choice of the Prince Caspian soundtrack, the Prince Caspian movie poster, or a copy of Inside Prince Caspian by Devin Brown.

(We understand that some of you out there have convictions against Halloween. If that’s you, we are going to request that you not post angry or inflammatory comments in the contest threads. If these contests go well, we will definitely try to have more contests in the future for other holidays.)

If you have any comments or questions, please post them in this thread here.

Thanks and have fun!