Behind-the-Scenes ‘Treasure Chamber’ Clip

A clip from one of the extras on Disc 2 of the Prince Caspian DVD/Blu-ray has appeared on the official website. The video is a behind-the-scenes look at the Treasure Chamber, and includes Douglas Gresham reading C.S. Lewis’ memorable description from the book.

Doug Gresham Reading Prince Caspian

Doug Gresham Reading Prince Caspian

For now all knew that it was indeed the ancient treasure chamber of Cair Paravel where they had once reigned as Kings and Queens of Narnia. There was a kind of path up the middle (as it might be in a greenhouse), and along each side at intervals stood rich suits of armour, like knights guarding the treasures. In between the suits of armour, and on each side of the path, were shelves covered with precious things – necklaces and arm rings and finger rings and golden bowls and dishes and long tusks of ivory, brooches and coronets and chains of gold, and heaps of unset stones lying piled anyhow as if they were marbles or potatoes – diamonds, rubies, carbuncles, emeralds, topazes, and amethysts.

Prince Caspian, Ch. 2

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