First Reviews of ‘Prince Caspian’ Blu-ray & DVD

NarniaWebber Griffle has translated some initial reviews on the Prince Caspian Blu-ray and DVD from the Swedish site From Griffle’s report:

Reviews are out for the Swedish releases of the PC DVD and Blu-Ray (from the Swedish website

Both these reviews are written in Swedish by two different reviewers and I’ve done my best to translate it for you. The reviewers have different opinions about the score of the film itself. The DVD reviewer gives the film an 8/10 and the BD reviewer gives it a 5/10. Both say the dialogue is rather low compared to the rest of the sound.


Picture: 10/10
Stunningly beautiful and perfect 10/10 picture quality according to reviewer.
Sound: 7/10
The only thing he seem to complain about regarding the BD sound is that dialogue is rather low. Can’t see why that would take away 3 points…
Extras: 9/10
First of all, all the extras on this Blu-Ray release are in HD and the BD includes the circle-vision feature although it’s not on the back of the cover. The reviewer doesn’t say what he thinks of it so I’ll have to check it out tomorrow. It’s described as: “Sequences accessable via four different photos taken by special cameras, that creates a 360-degree photo in which you can spin around. You can access film sequences and commentaries from each of of these 360-degree photos. Learn everything there is to know about the night raid.”

The commentary is described as rather giggly but definitely worth a listen. (Audio Commentary by Andrew Adamson, Ben Barnes, William Moseley, Anna Popplewell, Skandar Keynes, and Georgie Henley) I bet Georgie is the guilty giggler. 😉

The rest of the extras are only described in short and the reviewer doesn’t go into detail, but he says that between the commentary and the second disc, it covers the entire production and nothing appears to have been missed. Why not give it a 10/10?


Picture: 9/10 (based on standard definition picture quality)
Blacks are almost perfect, detail is very good as is sharpness, some slight use of edge enhancement.
Sound: 8/10
Sound mix is good, a lot of detailed sound effects; horses’ hooves against the ground, swinging of swords and of arrows in the air (pun very much intended). Bass is adequate and complements the sound effects in a nice way. Dialogue is somewhat low at times. Not indistinct, but it could’ve used some weight/power to it.
Extras: 9/10
Same as BD above.

The DVD comes out on next week on November 17 in the U.K., and on December 2 in the U.S. and Canada. Click here to see the full list of release dates around the world.

Thanks Griffle for the translations!

UPDATE: Griffle has posted an in-depth description of the Circle Vision feature with photos. Scroll down on that page to read more of Griffle’s thoughts on the extras.