Return to Narnia on DVD and Blu-ray Disc!

Prince Caspian on DVD and Blu-ray

Prince Caspian on DVD and Blu-ray

200 days after its theatrical release, Narnia fans can finally put the second chapter on their shelves. “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” is now available on DVD and Blu-ray Disc in the United States and Canada!

Both the DVD and Blu-ray Disc have been receiving very positive reviews:

“The picture quality on the Blu-ray Disc release is nothing short of perfect.”
–NarniaWebber ‘Griffle’

“I loved the special touches that they added throughout the special features that seemed to cater directly to the fans of Narnia.”

“A great collection [of extras] covering every aspect of the film, plus an entertaining commentary and some hidden treats as well.”

“An attack by catapult signaling the beginning of a major confrontation between Telmarines and Narnians in chapter 17 is nothing short of an awesome experience as each impact reverberates with almost frightening, Earth-shaking power.”

“…at some point when you realize the clarity and pure tones of every clash of sword and zip of crossbow arrows–even footsteps on stone castle floors–you think to yourself, wow. It’s one of the better soundtracks I’ve listened to lately.”

“An easy ‘5 Star Rating’ giving the folks at Disney two big holiday wins with this and ‘Wall-E’.”

“Circle-Vision is a unique and refreshing way of accessing otherwise standard home video supplemental feature material that loads relatively quickly.”

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William Moseley and Ben Barnes recently gave their thoughts on the Blu-ray Disc:

Don’t forget to look for the hidden Easter Eggs. ‘H.M. Swanwhite’ writes: “They are all on disc 2. Skandar’s Blonde Cam is on the first lion head decoration. The Toastie feature is on a little crown figure that appears by subtitles when you go down. On the second page the argument over Trumpkin is also on the lion. On the last page the feature on KC Hodenfield is on the lion and the one on Shane Rangi is on the crown by subtitles.”

The DVD/Blu-ray releases in Italy on Dec. 3, and Germany on Dec. 4.