Studios Expressing Interest in Narnia

It is a rather uncomfortable time for Narnia fans right now as Walden Media continues its search for a studio to distribute “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.” Many fans have expressed concern that the franchise cannot survive without Walt Disney Pictures even though Walden Media is still committed to it.

A new blog post from the Los Angeles Times shines a ray of hope into the land of Narnia.

The blog claims to have the “secret history” of why Disney backed out, and ends by saying that a few major studios (Fox, Sony, Warners) have expressed interest in picking up ‘Dawn Treader,’ and Walden Media could announce a new deal as early as later this week. You can view the article here. I’d recommend reading the entire thing, but here are some of the highlights:

• PC cost $225m to produce and $175m to market
• After LWW hit theaters, Phil Anschutz demanded that Disney either give back a sizable chunk of its distribution fee or he would distribute the Narnia series on his own. Disney complied. But after PC grossed less than expected, Disney decided to back out.
• Disney wanted a Summer release for PC because they saw that it was an edgier, more youth-oriented film and wanted to go for teenagers as well as well as families.
• Walden could announce a new deal as early as later this week.
• 20th Century Fox is interested, having seriously considered acquiring the movie rights to Narnia even before Walden originally landed the franchise. Sony and Warner Bros. have also expressed interest.
• Walden has been aiming for a $140m budget for VDT.

Thanks to Candy for the alert!