Dawn Treader Another Step Closer to Filming in Australia?

We reported last December on The Voyage of the Dawn Treader production moving from Mexico to Australia due to escalating violence in Mexico. It seems that Walden Media and Australia are close to reaching a deal that would allow Dawn Treader to film in Queensland later this year (according to Screenhub, an Australian movie news website). The story at Screenhub’s website can only be viewed if you have a subscription, but AintitCoolNews posted a short summary on the story.

ScreenHub, doing a lot of heavy lifting this week, has also mentioned that the third NARNIA movie, VOYAGE OF THE DAWNTREADER is very likely to shoot in Queensland this year. Apparently, one of the conditions is that the Gold Coast needs a new processing lab, and Village Roadshow is currently in the process of opening one. NARNIA and GREEN LANTERN both filming in Australia. And you thought our weakened dollar was a bad thing.

Hopefully we’ll be hearing a confirmation about this news very soon!

Thanks to S. Luke for the heads up!

UPDATE: The BrisBane Times has posted some more information. “If they were to come here it would be pretty significant in terms of Queensland crew employment rates,” commission spokeswoman Kylie Rathborne said. “We’re hopeful.” Read the article here.

Thanks to ‘Peanut Brittle.’