A Tiny Bit of News about the Ship Herself, the Dawn Treader

NarniaWeb Spy PeaceandLove wrote in to point out an interesting item on the resume of Stephen Morahan, a draughtsman who worked with Michael Apted on The World is Not Enough. The resume includes this job: “NARNIA – THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER, Details of Experience: CAD drawing of Dawn Treader ship hull steelwork for the Art Department including 3D model to check the hull profile, 2007.” What this implies is that the ship, the Dawn Treader, has been fully designed and engineered since 2007, probably because the production hadn’t anticipated being pushed back so far. Of course the exciting part is that if the production hasn’t started already, they should start building the Dawn Treader in the next few weeks in anticipation for filming at the end of July and beginning of August!