Dawn Treader Casting Call for Australians

If you live in Australia and would like a shot at being in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, StarNow has posted several roles the production is casting for. From StarNow.co.uk: We are currently casting for a number of various roles as listed below for the feature film – Chronicles Of Narnia starting filming from 15th July – 15th November 2009. Location: All states, Australia. Payment details: PAID – Award.

Young Nurse
Any gender, aged 18 to 23 from Australia
Late teens – Early 20s, female, attractive saying goodbye to her (Young Soldier) boyfriend. Visual – nice cameo

Young Soldier
Males, aged 18 to 23 from Australia
Late teens – early 20s, good looking, about to go off to war saying goodbye to his girlfriend (Young Nurse). Visual – nice cameo.

Older Soldier
Males, aged 25 to 32 from Australia
Role type: Supporting role Breakdown:Bit rough, not a pretty boy, has attitude. 1 line dialogue.

Intake Soldier – Actors ONLY
Males, aged 35 to 45 from Australia
Late 30s-45, seasoned soldier, saw action in the last war (WW1) and now responsible for the intake of new soldiers. Couple of lines.

Mediterranean man
Males, aged 30 to 45 from Australia
Mediterranean, fit, man of the sea. Dialogue – good role.

Applications are being accepted through July 15. If you are interested in auditioning, go here to send in your applications and good luck to all of you who give it a shot!

It is interesting that there will be soldiers in this movie as well as the other two. And apparently the time on Earth (as opposed to Narnia) will be expanded. But perhaps the Mediterranean man will be Drinian or Rhince or Rynelf? Can’t wait to see how this plays out!

Huge thanks to icarus for the find!

UPDATE: Casting is now complete and applications are no longer being accepted.