Interview with Narnia Storyboard Artist Thomas Nelson

From Tell us about who Tom is and about being an artist who develops storyboards.

Tom Nelson: I started working in animation many years ago, after a while I wanted to work on projects that had a little more drama so I started to work on movies the Narnia chronicles being among them.

MN: Which are the major storyboard projects you took part?

Tom: The Narnia movies are probably the biggest.

MN: How was the production of storyboards for Prince Caspian and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe?

Tom: The first movie was very special. Everyone was contributing to the movie, we knew we were working on something amazing. I met a lot of interesting people and found a very special place in my heart for New Zealand. I will always remember it.

MN: Have you ever read The Chronicles of Narnia or got in touch with them only by scripts?

Tom: I read the books when I was a child, and remembered them fondly, I never thought I’d be working on the movies!

MN: I promised you not to make “embarrassing questions”, but could you tell us something about the emotions for the forthcoming movie, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader?

Tom: In some ways its a different feel from the first two if only because of the setting of which a large part is the ocean. I think they’ve crafted a great story and can’t wait to see it!

MN: I truly want to thank you, in the name of all Portuguese-speaking Narnia fans who access, for the interview and let you know that your work is a gift for us, a gift that makes a dream come true.

Tom: Thank you! It’s great to work on something that so many people have a great love for.

You can see MundoNarnia’s interview in Portuguese and English here. Thanks Lucy P. for the heads-up!