The Lamps that Inspired Lewis in Danger of Being Extinguished

From The future of the gas lamps has once again been raised after parish councils around Malvern were hit with unexpected top-up bills to pay for their maintenance and running. The lamps were the inspiration for a scene in Lewis’s much-loved novel The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Malvern currently has 102 gas lamps, split between the parishes of Malvern town, the Wells and West Malvern. The three councils were shocked to receive bills for maintaining the lamps from Malvern Hills District Council, over and above the previously-agreed figures. The Wells was charged an extra £1400, Malvern town £639, and West Malvern £798. Wells parish chairman Malcolm Victory is promoting a suggestion that the lamps could be sponsored to keep them going. He hopes the idea can be put on the agenda at the next parish council meeting on June 24. Read the full story here. Thanks to Lucy P. for the heads up.