More Spy Reports Come in from Australia

We’ve received two new spy reports this evening from Australia — one from Cleveland Point and one from The Spit updating us on how the production is coming along.

waterville lass writes: “I live 5 mins from Cleveland Point and have been popping out every few days to check out the progress of the building of the Dawn Treader. The gimble on which the ship will be held is nearly complete and the Dawn Treader is rather unceremoniously lying in about 4 bits next to some porto cabins, but has been painted beautifully. My understanding is that only shots requiring sky will be taken here, all the sailing action will take place in the Whitsundays. A backdrop is being digitally placed on the action so there will actually be no views of Moreton Bay sadly, it is a beautiful place but maybe our dolphins and sailing boats aren’t quite right for the movie.”
writes: “I just wanted to report that I have just visited the location at the Spit. One word: Amazing! They are building what looks like the front of a castle. Even more good news, it looks like they are building a ramp down to the water where a jetty is located. It looks like the Dawn Treader will be making an appearance at the Spit come Mid August!

Speaking of the Dawn Treader, I believe I have seen it! Although it is covered, the shape and size looks exactly like what we have all seen from the concept images. It is located at one of the soundstages at Warner Roadshow Studios. They are also building what looks like a tall tower at the studios as well.”

Thanks to both of you for sending in your reports!!

Construction for the Dawn Treader going on at Cleveland Point - From waterville lass

Construction for the Dawn Treader going on at Cleveland Point - From waterville lass

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