Retraction: They ARE Filming After All?

Less than six hours later, it looks like we may have to retract our news story about The Voyage of the Dawn Treader not filming yet. We’ve received new reports that say they are indeed filming already.

NarniaWebber M.K. notes that contrary to Perry Moore, Cort Kristensen (Michael Apted’s personal assistant) says they began filming July 22 and have their first shot.

NarniaWebber myartismylife writes: “I visited Movie World and they are filming in the carpark. I was at the Spit on 23rd July and I KNOW they were filming in the carpark on that day. I can’t get to close because of security fences but have taken photos when I could. There is a very large blue sceen with a lawn in front and a fence made of bricks covered in plaster and wrought iron railings inbetween the pillars.”

The third report is from Samantha who writes: “My husband is a basketball referee with QLD Basketball and he received an email stating the following:

‘The Centenary centre carpark will be unavailable for use on Sunday 26th July due to the filming of the Chronicles of Narnia. Visitors can park on the road leading into the school (TSS) and also in the cricket carpark. It may be a good idea to allow extra time to find a car spot.’

This is a filming area that I wasn’t aware of. My husband and I are planning to go for a walk to the spit tomorrow. We went to have a look the week before last and they had just begun construction on the castle facade, I can’t wait to see what it looks like in person now.”

All three of these stories corroborate each other, so we believe they are accurate. As far as the report about Perry Moore? That was pulled off of Twitter and sadly isn’t the the most accurate place for news. But there’s also the possibility that the production is trying to keep other filming locations quiet and they’re just being open about the site at The Spit because they can’t hide that. We’ll do our best to get an official word directly from someone in the production one way or another and get back to you all!

At the very least, we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that filming will begin (if it has not already) before the month of July is over!

Thanks to M.K., myartisimylife, and Samantha for your reports!