Cleveland Point Filming May Be Delayed a Day or Two

The BaysideBulletin is reporting that filming at Cleveland Point, which was scheduled to start on August 31, may be delayed for a few days due to weather issues at the current filming location.

As the dates draw nearer for the Narnia cameras to start rolling at Cleveland Point, production staff are warning residents who plan to drop in and witness the action that filming could be delayed by a few days.

Shooting at Jumpinpin last week was delayed by a sandstorm, and any more unexpected weather events could potentially delay the start of Cleveland filming by a few days.

This is the first we’ve heard of the Jumpinpin area being used for filming. According to Wikipedia, “the Jumpinpin channel also known as The Pin lies between North Stradbroke Island and South Stradbroke Island. It has a fast moving tidal deep water Channel not appropriate for swimming but is popular with beach anglers.” It’s likely that this area may be used for one of the island locations.

You can read the full article at BaysideBulletin’s website here.