Narnia Role for Historic Bedford Truck

The Bayside Bulletin has a story on one of the “stars” of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader , a historic 1938 Bedford WLG. The truck’s owner, Graham Kircher, is a collector of vehicles from the 1930s, and was contacted about using one of them as a prop for the opening scene in Narnia. “I had half a dozen vehicles from the 1930s that might have worked, and the art director went through them, saying ’too shiny’, ’wrong colour’, until they settled on the Bedford. The only problem was it was red and brown, and they needed military. They aged the truck with coffee, then put advertisements, numbers and registration stickers on it from the time period and I hung around for the day in case they needed me to drive it anywhere – I was there for hours but the scene they were shooting took 12 takes to get only 25 seconds. The set was impressive: there were extras in period costume on bikes and with prams, and a blue screen three storeys high to project a big sandstone building onto later.” You can read the full story here.