”Under Her Starry Mantle” Blog Has Another Round of Dawn Treader Pics

Posted August 20, 2009 1:19 pm by fantasia_kitty

AussieAnnie (who writes her Under Her Starry Mantle blog) took a trip to Cleveland Point on August 17th, trekked through the mud, and took dozens of pictures of the Dawn Treader. Some of our forum members are debating that these are the best pictures to date. Though there’s no denying that they are truly amazing. To check out AussieAnnie’s compilation of Dawn Treader photos, click on the picture below.

The Dawn Treader hanging over shore - AussieAnnie

The Dawn Treader hanging over shore - AussieAnnie

Just as a side note, in her blog she talks about the lighthouse as being part of the movie — it was confirmed several weeks ago that the lighthouse is simply undergoing reconstruction and has nothing to do with The Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie.

Thanks to Rapunzel for the heads-up!