Episode 76: ‘Dawn Treader’ Film Analysis, Part 4

Running time: 43:37
For the first time ever, we have a NarniaWeb podcast without its creator present! GlumPuddle and GymFan discuss the Reep/Eustace duel, Lucy being kidnapped, The Magician’s Book, dufflepuds, and Coriakin’s map.

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  1. Roger says:

    Good podcast. Good comments. This is the part of the film where I really noticed the differences between the book characters and the film characters. In the book Lucy looks after Eustace; In the film Reep looks after Eustace. I really do not like the way the movie shifted the roles. Lewis was very good at defining characters. The movie should leave that alone. VDT did to Lucy what PC did to Susan. They could have made Lucy's comments to Gael more friendly when Gael is discovered. In the book Lucy is a nurturer. We see that again in LB. This movie pulled the names of the characters and the names of the islands and a few of the situations out of the book and completely rewrote the script. On the whole it was a good movie, but it was not written by C. S. Lewis.

  2. reepicheep's_fangirl says:

    cool, i can't wait to read this! awesome pic. 🙂

  3. reepicheep's_fangirl says:

    oops, meant "listen" not "read". u know what i mean 😛

  4. Arvan says:

    Must say I like hearing Gymfan criticize VDT. I got used to hearing her optimism. 🙂

    I loved the podcast, great comments!

  5. I was so confused in the beginning because Rillian sounded so wierd and his introduction was so different. I should've known it was GlumPuddle. 😀 The Book of Incantations scene was really well done I think. We've always seen Lucy as this sweet little girl. Her other side scares me to death. She looked so evil and desperate and tempted in this movie I think I really did end up sympathizing with her.

  6. Louloudi the Centaur says:

    Oh no! The NarniaWeb podcast space time continuum has been destroyed without Rilian! No, no just joking. Here are my notes I took down listening.
    The bird scene was funny because Eustace is unaware of dumb animals.
    Yes, you should not offend beasts, especially centaurs. 😛
    Reepicheep has a very strong throw even for a talking mouse. But I swear he did not yell Yoohoo.
    In the book, the crew got supplies on the Lone Islands. Maybe when nobody was looking, Gael got in?Like I commented on last episode, Rhince needed a stronger reason to go with the crew.
    In the books, it has been a long time since Telmarines have sailed. Memory loss of what to do on seemingly abandoned islands must have been lost. Maybe the watch fell asleep?
    Just a funny thought: If the beard mirror thing had been in the movie and Caspian looked in, what would have happened? 😛
    The green mist appearing when somebody was tempted was a little over the top at times, but I actually loved the strong Christian themes. I would explain but it would take too long. And a thing I noted, none of the characters seemed to see it until Dark Island.
    While the crew was fighting the Dufflepuds, two things disturbed me. 1. Rhince TOOK Gael with him.2. Reep went missing.
    Coriakin's dialogue seriously felt almost worse than the sword plot to me, believe it or not.

    Now, the plot hole of "Why not turn the crew invisible?" I did some thinking, and an idea why came to me at school today. Maybe the magician worried that if the spell was learned, the crew members would use the spell against each other by temptation, since he's already so worried about the mist tempting them, he won't tell them. I actually based this off of Lucy falling to her temptation in the movie. But there are still plot holes, like why didn't the magician stop Lucy from taking the beauty spell, and this probably isn't it, but it's just an idea.

  7. stateofgreen says:

    Loved all of glumPuddle's character impressions as well as his Rilian impression LOL! Enjoyed listening to Gymfan's comments too, especially agreed with her liking the movie Reep and Eustace friendship for the teaching moments. Two person podcast was very well done!

  8. High Queene Shelly Belly says:

    i thought her expression looked like she had just stepped in dog poop for most of the movie. didn't seem like lucy of the other 2 movies.

  9. High Queene Shelly Belly says:

    I thought coriakin sounded like he was straight out of a 50's monster movie- kinda over the top corny. esp compared to the others, who were a little flat and dry. xcept eustace, who was ridiculouosly over the top slapstick.

  10. High Queene Shelly Belly says:

    one comment- you podcasters keep refereing to the "leaked script" like you are assuming we have all read it. so i for one cannot compare things as you are talking abouot it, can you please direct us to the script out in the secret web location, or at least sum it up as to what it was about? thanks cos i can't find it anywhere, and now that the jjovie is out, why would it need to be hidden now.

  11. Arvan says:

    It's technically illegal, so they can't post it anywhere. Someone did put up a synopsis on the forum somewhere, though.

  12. glumPuddle says:

    Reep shouts "YO0-HOO! Over here!"

  13. Louloudi the Centaur says:

    Well, I guess I'm proven wrong. I just remember Reep taping Eustace with his tail, and pushing him. Oh well.:)

  14. wolfloversk says:

    Nice podcast! (Which nI finally got to listen to) Just a word on Coriakin's lines… if they had kept it smaller and stopped after the "to defeat the darkness out there you must defeat the darkness inside yourself" and not move into the whole "do not fall into temptation, etc. it would have worked better. I felt mediocre about that I didn't thouroughly hate it… I just wish they made it a bit simpler.

  15. Non-Negotiable Comment says:

    I was very uncomfortable with the nature of that "Yoo Hoo!".

    I'll just leave it at that.

  16. Pattertwigs Pal says:

    Nice Rilian impression at the beginning gP. I agree with you about the Reep / Eustace scene. I really really wanted to see Eustace swing him by the tail. I think Reep would have handled it seriously even if he hadn't been swung around. Maybe not as seriously in the book but not as lightly as in the movie. I did like the reference to how he got his tail though.

    I don't think it was meantioned in the podcast but one of the things I wondered is why didn't Corkian just turn the Dufflepuds invisible again. Or does the magic work only once? Oh and a thought about Gael's hiding on the ship: we know that they obviously don't keep watches (or very good ones) and can sleep through thumping so she could have been on the ship for quite awhile without being discovered.

  17. Lilygloves says:

    The thing about the Dufflepuds being invisible to be saved from the mist is that now Coriakin has to do the invisibility spell again. It's like "Thanks Luce, for undoing it. Now as soon as you guys leave I'm going to do it all over again, so you really didn't accomplish anything. You actually ruined our safety."

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