Filming Locations

VDT - Cleveland Point (The Dawn Treader)

A compilation of photographs, taken by Narnia spies and fans, of the Dawn Treader being built at Cleveland Point, Australia and the subsequent filming.

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VDT - The Spit (Narrowhaven Wharf)

A compilation of photographs as the Narrowhaven Wharf set was being built at The Spit on the Gold Coast, Australia.

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VDT - Warner Roadshow Studios (Coriakin's Garden/Outdoor Water Tank)

On August 7, 2009, Australian Premier Anna Bligh toured two of the sets at Warner Roadshow Studios. One was the outdoor water tank and the other was Coriakin's Garden.

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VDT - Warner Roadshow Studios (Dawn Treader/Bell Tower)

Over Christmas/Boxing Day week 2009, Warner Roadshow Studios opened their doors to allow public tours of sets for the Dawn Treader. Here are pictures of the ship indoors, as well as the Bell Tower set.

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PC - The River Soca (Beruna's Bridge)

In early July 2007, Narnia film crews arrived at The River Soca in Bovec, Slovenia to film the climax of the battle in Prince Caspian — Beruna's Bridge.

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PC - New Zealand and Czech Republic

Under Construction

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