The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Who released this film? Who directed?

Walden Media owned the rights to these films and was the primary production company. Disney was the distributor for the first two films, but declined to be involved after Prince Caspian. 20th Century Fox distributed and co-financed The Voyage of the Dawn Treader with Walden Media. Michael Apted was the director.

When was 'Dawn Treader' released in theaters?

WORLDWIDE PREMIERE: Odeon Theatre, London — 30 Nov 2010
Australia — 2 Dec 2010
New Zealand — 9 Dec 2010
United Kingdom — 9 Dec 2010
U.S. & Canada — 10 Dec 2010

The full list of release dates can be found on IMDb here.

When and where was 'Dawn Treader' filmed?

Filming for Dawn Treader is now complete. Warner Roadshow Studios was the “central hub” during filming, but many places around the Queensland, Australia area were also used. NarniaWebber ceppault has taken the time to make an extensive Google map that includes all the known locations at which Dawn Treader was filmed. You can check out his map here.

What was the production budget for this film?

The production was very tight lipped about the budget for this film, and an official amount was never released. Speculation set it between $140 – $150 million.

What is this movie rated?

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is rated PG in the USA for "some frightening images and sequences of fantasy violence" and PG in the UK for "moderate fantasy violence and scary scenes."

Why didn't Andrew Adamson direct this film?

Andrew Adamson did not direct this film for the very simple reason he didn't want to do it. In an interview, Douglas Gresham said, "Andrew's not going to direct the next one; I think he's realised that it's time he took a break. I think probably he has devoted so much time to us, we would be very remiss to ask him to do it again. I don't think his wife would be very pleased if he had to take off for another two years to make a movie in the far parts of the world and so on. But in any case I think it'll probably be good for Andrew and very good for us to change a little bit of style here and there."

Can you send me email and mailing addresses for Michael Apted and any of the actors?

We are not able to provide members of the general public with email contact information for the actors or producers of the film, but we do have some mailing addresses you may use to contact some of the castmembers. These addresses are from Click here and scroll down for mailing instructions.

Ben Barnes
c/o Creative Artists Management
1st Floor
55-59 Shaftesbury Avenue
London, W1D 6LD
United Kingdom

Skandar Keynes
c/o Hamilton Hodell
5th Floor
66-68 Margaret Street
London, W1W 8SR
United Kingdom

Georgie Henley
c/o Hamilton Hodell
5th Floor
66-68 Margaret Street
London, W1W 8SR
United Kingdom

Will Poulter
c/o Hamilton Hodell
5th Floor
66-68 Margaret Street
London, W1W 8SR
United Kingdom

Tony Nixon
c/o PO Box 587
Palmwoods, QLD 4555
NOTE: To receive a signed picture from Tony, please include the photo you want signed and a stamped, pre-addressed envelope.

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