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A Fantasy Lover's Delight... A Novel Purist's Guilty Pleasure

Leoaica (Fresno, CA)

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I really think my title really sums it up. There is nothing left to be desired for those who are purely fantasy and film-lovers. It is brilliant. As for the purists, approaching the film purely as its own, with a graceful nod to the land we adore, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is a cinematic experience that should not be missed.
Though I consider myself to be a bit of a purist, and my first reaction was indeed to pick apart every difference and "injustice" made, I myself could not help but have an overwhelmingly emotional response to the cinematic beauty of this film. I was swept out of this world into the Narnian seas along with Edmund, Lucy and Eustace and I felt my own heart cry in jubilation from that moment on, "I am home, I am home!"
Indeed, for one such as I who has been a die-hard fan since I was 8-years-old, it holds the small haunting feel of a shadowland- a dream familiar and not, all at once. It may have been a bit difficult to release my ideals, expectations and dreams from the past 19 years, still I took to it as if it were yet another adventure of Lewis', taking into account that we are stepping into yet another alternate dimension with modern film. The film may not execute a full bow to the prowess of dear Lewis, yet I think even he would be pleased at the wonder and excitement that is recreated here, and the values are far from lost.
For those who have been disappointed in the last films, I would beg of you to not let them steer you from this opportunity for while some things are added, re-arranged and not fully there (as they can only be within the limitless imagination), this film holds so much more of Lewis' original intent than its predecessors.
There are few things as wondrous as stepping into Coriakin's mansion for the first time- a new invention which exceeded my expectations from the books, or having your scales removed along with Eustace. Instead of dark and gory as the book implies, this scene is magical. I implore you to step outside your own dragon skin and soften toward the film, and as Lucy discovers her own individual value, learn this film's... and your own with it!
But enough of how this film can be a guilty pleasure for a purist... I am unabashedly shamefully in love :-)

As a parent of two small children (with another on the way), however, I feel it my dire duty to to toss in one final word of caution: This film is highly intense, and depending on their exposure to violent cinema, as well as the willingness of a parent to patiently explain a few of the darker elements, I would venture to say that a child under 9 should not be allowed to see this film. The mist of Dark Island becomes a frightening entity throughout the film (rather than confined to one island) that sent my own heart pounding, if only for how unexpected. The sleeping lords at Aslan's Table on Ramandu's Island can also be a shocking presence to a younger child as well as the violent battle with the Sea Serpent.

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