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Edis1 (NY)

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I thought it was OK. I was very disappointed in a lot of things, but I also was very pleased with others. Basically I didn't like the story line change. It was kinda hokey. It wasn't really solid and kinda confusing. I didn't like the added character's and character's personality changes either. I didn't like the Dark island scene, they made it look like the people on the ship destroyed the Island not Aslan. The beginning of the movie was good, loved the introduction of Eustace! Eustace's character was perfect! Annoying yet likeable. The Magicians Island was done beautifully, Dufflpuds were great. Death water/Dragon Island was amazing! Aslan of coarse was perfect. The ending was OK. In my opinion, it was a good action movie, but not a good Narnia movie. It just didn't have that magic Narnia feeling that the other movies had.

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