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The Anti-thesis of Prince Caspian (the movie)

lgonz (Santa Barbara, Ca)

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Heavily anticipating and waiting for the movie for 2 and a half years, I was heavily dissapointed with this film.

For all of those complaining about bad adaptations of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian, this film was by far the worst adaptation. I was hoping for the main story of the book to be put in film version -- sort of like the BBC version, except with better effects and potentially a unifying theme to unite the various chapters/vignettes of the story.

I was heavily dissapointed. Michael Apted threw plot lines of the book into a machine, and little of the book's heart actually comes out. He adds a host of unnecessary scenes -- the beginning (Letter from Susan), the Lucy temptation/England scene -- that heavily take away from the plot of the story. And the book's most famous scenes are done poorly.

The added sub plot to the Lone Islands scenes -- the girl and her father -- and the Arabian looking people had me angry that these films continue to make their villains non-Anglo ethnicities (see: casting the villains of PC as Spaniards).

The special effects were done overly cartoonish, from the dragon to the dufflepuds. Character development was also noticeably absent from this film.

The Dark Island scenes were very different from how they were in the book. Not to mention that the White Witch shots were different from the trailer (she was white in the trailer, and sticks out her hand -- not in film). I felt the money was not put into the film to make it akin to the first too.

I also hated how it seems everything is handed to you. From the Edmund's "sea serpent" comment, and then bam -- a sea serpent pops up, to the cheesy "Edmund, you helmet!" weapon reunion, to the sword in the river "Oh no the river turns stuff to gold!" scenes, this script toned down its audience to make a movie not discrete at all. Were they making a film for 7 yr olds?

Lastly, this movie is really the anti-thesis to Prince Caspian. Prince Caspian was vast in scope -- both with the film (see: the castle built for it), running time, and with its advertising. Disney at least tried very hard to make toys, costumes, tie-in books/covers, etc. to make PC a huge phenonmenon. Unfortunately it fell short.

Voyage of the Dawn Treader, however, is aggresively paced and fails to have the big captivating shots that give the film a bigger scope. And the "Green Mist" was a very stupid plot line.

My favorite scenes were the ending -- saying good bye to Aslan and Narnia is enough to make you cry. I wish I could have seen Aslan more -- one of the images I get of him from the book is at the Magician's House standing with Lucy and the Magician, or the little moments where the author speaks of a roar in the background when the characters face temptation. These scenes were noticeably absent from the film.

Unfortunately this film failed to captivate me, a die hard fan. I hope this film does not doom The Magician's Nephew, which Walden should make next with Andrew Adamson as a director. This film featured a concrete lack of continuity with the last two, and Adamson's films have better pacing, character development. He also actually knows how to make and pace a film.

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